Video Streaming

An organization using video content for building awareness with new customers, teaching and tutoring existing customers and internal staff, and communicating and sharing subject matter expertize.

The video content is delivered live multiple times a day and is viewed on-demand by a large majority of their audiences, continuously used with a long shelf life and a need to modify and append with more content.

The Problem

Along with normal demand from Video content streaming, the organization experiences demand spikes as new and updated video content is marketed and shared via internal and external social media. These spikes in demand are regular but unpredictable and result the rigid underlying network fabric being unable to cope. Attempts to manually adjust network resources have proved futile as the transient nature of the spikes mean that topology changes happen too late to have impact.

The Solution

By deploying SDN Adaptive on KEMP LoadMasters, network and application administrators were not only able to immediately identify the network congestion points, but also to have LoadMaster dynamically adjust the network paths between clients and the video servers. This dynamic adjustment optimized the use of network resources in real time and resulted in a better quality of experience for all users without impacting on non-video applications.

Elements of SDN

User Frustration

The internal and external consumers of video are frustrated with the ability to manage their time so they can get reasonable access to the video online during peak and off-peak hours. Viewing figures are static or are often falling.

Owner Frustration

Content owners are frustrated with levels of awareness and education with their consumers due to latency, bad user experiences and timely access to relevant content. They are also constantly looking to easily add new content to existing subject matter content.

Delivery Issues

IT cannot deliver the level of customer experience to match consumer demand on existing budgets, resources and infrastructure. They are in constant firefighting mode and are not able to pro-actively meet content owner needs and roadmap. In some cases content owners are going directly to 3rd party, less secure, video solutions.

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