Streamlining DevOps

With the automation of development, integration, test and delivery across a business, rapid cycles, and faster TTM at lower risk.

Use Case

Large financial services company in the process of migrating to SDDC, Application landscape includes a variety of commercial and in-house apps, some of which have been inherited through acquisition. Budgetary concerns mandate consolidation and improved efficiency.

Commercial pressures dictate faster execution while maintaining service levels for users and customers in order to remain competitive in the market.

The Problem

The newly formed DevOps team is under pressure having moved from a legacy environment where dev, test and production were separate departments operating in silos. In their new software defined environment there is growing use of configuration tools for both networking and workloads with the goal of providing continuous delivery of applications and easing the burdens faced in their legacy environment. While application delivery technologies have helped shield users from changes in network topology, the behavior of those application in the new environment is not well understood’. SDN allows for the dynamic creation of development and test environments to support the new agile method of application delivery.

The Solution

With LoadMaster, dynamic configuration of ADC and SDN Adaptive load balancing is integrated with automated provisioning and operations systems using the LoadMaster API. With LoadMaster integrated into the continuous delivery process, and SDN Adaptive controllable via API, the DevOPS team can easily roll out new and updated environments.

Impact & Results

User Frustration

Users are finding unexpected slowdowns in apps they are familiar with, and worse, as new and updated apps are introduced, often later than planned, with the intention of streamlining business operations, there can be significant delay or downtime to correct any problems found in production.

IT Frustration

Charged with justifying the ROI on the new datacenter build out, the entire DevOps team is challenged to find ways to better monitor and analyze behavior of applications throughout their lifecycle. While they can make seamless changes to network configuration they are blind to interactions between applications and waste a lot of time in testing and troubleshooting rather than working on business enhancements as intended.

Earnings Impact

Even a few days delay in launching a new service can have far reaching implications amounting to millions of dollars across the company, and worse, releasing a flawed or underperforming application into the marketplace can have a major PR impact.

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