Mobile Distributed Workforce

Field Sales and Support – Exchange, Sharepoint plus CRM

Use Case

A major regional provider of Cable, Phone and Internet products/services. Annual revenues are in the $5BN and they are known for use of technology innovation in their service and customer relationships. Customer facing teams are made up of field sales, field support and field engineering distributed across multiple locations and states.

Enterprise IT supports a hybrid of in-house and private cloud data centers to support internal and external communication systems, with a large mobile application suite to enable a very mobile workforce, and with integrations to core CRM and ERP systems.

The Problem

This organization’s key to revenue generation and profitability is being able to offer responsive face-to-face communication with customers in the field. This requires instant access to a wide range of resources including network diagnostics, product specification details and billing information. The application delivery fabric suffers intermittent delays which are proving difficult for the network and application delivery teams to resolve

The Solution

By integrating KEMP LoadMaster with their SDN fabric, they are provided with real-time insight on the status of the network paths being used for application delivery. By being focused on only the application delivery paths, the network administrators can quickly identify where the delays are occurring right down to the port-to-port paths on the switch fabric. This greatly speeds up the identification and resolution of the root cause leading to easier maintenance of the user quality of experience.

User Frustration

User Frustration

The field service and sales force are rewarded based on activity and any barriers to them achieving their targets will lead to staff churn and ultimately less sales

IT Frustration

With limited visibility IT can take hours/days to troubleshoot both applications hosted in-house and several of the newer mobile specific apps hosted on a private cloud, root causes can only be identified after rack level diagnostics and the ability to put global fixes in place and loaded onto all mobile devices.

Earnings Impact

The company runs a very tight utilization model to ensure best in class service but also manage the bottom line. A week of utilization running at 70% below normal equates to one month’s profit.

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