Dynamic Networking for Collaboration


Use Case

A large global organization relies of a suite of collaboration tools to enable the sales and field engineering teams across multiple geographies and time zones. Key to closing high value deals is the availability and responsiveness of the collaboration tools in use, especially at peak activity periods such as quarter end.

The Problem

Towards the end of each quarter, as the sales organization seek to close deals, the application delivery infrastructure comes under severe strain. The traffic demands are spread across multiple collaboration platforms and include delivery of sales collateral and increased usage of key systems such as video conferencing (Skype for Busienss), sharepoint and ERP/CRM. The traffic issue is often compounded with intermittent and unpredictable east-west traffic generated within the data center by backups and virtual system migrations. This ultimately leads to a poor experience when interacting with customers over video links and slow access to key sales resources.

The Solution

By introducing SDN Adaptive from KEMP as an integral part of the application delivery fabric, traffic paths are dynamically optimized using QoS (Quality of Service). When congestion is detected, the KEMP LoadMasters configure optimized flows through the network to reduce latency for applications that are time sensitive. This results in overall better use of available network resources and consistent delivery of the essential assets to both customers and the sales team.
With the reduced latency achieved, video interactions run smoothly and responsiveness of ERP/CRM systems is maintained.

User Frustration

User Frustration

As IT struggle to troubleshoot congestion, the quality of experience for users is impacted leading to dropped or poor quality conference calls and slow access to key resources needed to close end of quarter opportunities.

IT Frustration

While IT are able to identify localized resource bottlenecks, they have no visibility on the overall application delivery infrastructure to identify the exact issue as the impact is temporary and may involve multiple variable causes. This leads to delays in identifying the problems and also providing resolution.

Earnings Impact

If the company loses one larger global deal and another moves into the next quarter that can be up to a $300M hit on quarterly revenues.

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