Characterize and manage network demand

A customer operates a client facing portal for managing relationships, subscriptions, product information, accounting and fulfillment.

The The enterprise IT team and Service Partners support a hybrid of custom built in-house, off-the-shelf and 3rd party solution services, and are under pressure to maintain quality of experience at peak times and do not have sufficient insight to the complete application delivery infrastructure.

The Problem

A significant increase in customer activity due to a successful marketing and product initiative has led to a reduced experience across customer facing transactional websites and supporting systems such as CRM and portals. This reduced experience is impacting on the potential success of the initiative and the IT team has been tasked with implementing a tactical solution to solve the immediate issue and a strategic solution to address future capacity growth.

Because of the multiple systems involved in the transaction chain, the network and application support staff are finding it difficult to identify the bottlenecks and to devise the tactical and strategic solutions.

The Solution

To provide immediate insight on to how the network was behaving, the existing KEMP LoadMasters were integrated with the SDN switch fabric to assist with identification of the problem areas. Having identified the problem areas, the LoadMasters were then configured to leverage SDN adaptive to optimize the use of the network fabric for application delivery. This tactical approach had the desired effect of improving application response times and proved to be robust in even at peak usage. Given the stability and capability of KEMP SDN Adaptive to accommodate these larger workloads, it was used as the long-term strategic solution.

Elements of Virtualization

User Frustration

Marketing and sales put operations plans on hold and have to maintain existing limited efforts. Recasting of financial forecasts out several quarters.

IT Frustration

IT has to identify a 2 phased solution within the next quarter, first to load test expected traffic requirements across known stress points and identify any possible new stress points. And secondly to identify a solution to scale existing application performance and delivery on a high availability the network, without changing the applications or adding major integration work.

Earning Impact

Each quarter lost will impact future growth by approximately 5%, cumulative to close to 20% in a year.

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