Why SDN-Enabled ADC

SDN brings many benefits to organisations across all areas of operation. It reduces costs, increases IT and business agility, encourages testing and experimentation with software tools, makes the provision of IT more reliable, makes management of infrastructure easier, facilitates disaster recovery planning, provides a flexible foundation for organisations to grow, and is a stepping stone to Cloud Computing.

Virtualization of servers, storage, desktops, and networks provides the foundation for the next generation of computing and Hybrid Cloud delivery. Organisations that have embraced Virtualization across all areas of IT will find it easier to adopt and deploy new and advanced technology as it comes to market over the next decade. This will provide business benefits and competitive advantage.

SDN Impact Flow

  1. The Business Impact

    The business impacts of implementing a comprehensive Virtualization strategy are now well understood. The adoption of server and storage Virtualization over the last decade has demonstrated the impact of the technology. The extension of Virtualization to networking infrastructure is now starting to show a similar impact for networking.

    Having a robust and agile virtualised IT platform allows a business to be more flexible in response to changing market needs and to adopt trends in new software and best practices as they emerge. It also facilitates business continuity in the event of a disaster, and the ability to engage with new markets in a timely manner via rapid and easy access to new business tools.The economics of virtualization are substantial for both OPEX and CAPEX.

  2. The IT Impact

    The impact of Virtualization on IT provision is profound and hugely beneficial for agile Data Centers. Abstracting IT services from the underlying hardware makes it much easier to manage the infrastructure, while at the same time providing a much more seamless service to the end users. Delivery platforms and network designs can be adjusted, enhanced, maintained, and optimised in real time without service disruption. The agile Data Center will allow for faster and more intelligent application delivery and quality of experience.

    Data security and integrity is made easier for IT departments when servers are delivered via Virtualization. It also eases the path from private data centre provision to a future that includes Cloud Services. Having virtualised systems also allows IT to quickly respond to requests from the business and helps turn IT into an enabler.

  3. The Application Delivery & Network Impact

    App delivery and network provisioning will see the same impact that Virtualization has made on how servers and storage are provisioned and managed today. App delivery has historically been done via a monolithic model where each new app had its own dedicated infrastructure. Even web Apps have tended to have their own web servers and database servers. The environment isolation that Virtualization delivers allows many Apps to share the same infrastructure without interfering with each other. This will allow Apps to be deployed for use more quickly. Similarly virtualised networks will be more flexible and can be adjusted and optimised to suit changing App delivery needs, while ensuring optimal use of the network infrastructure.


  • Physical servers dedicated to a specific IT service
  • Dedicated network devices for each function
  • Management of each network device individually
  • Long lead times for introduction of new IT services
  • Requests to IT for new service provision
  • Dedicated local storage or SAN slice for each server
  • Time consuming and expensive DR provision


  • Flexible VMs running on shared host hardware.
  • Generic hardware with network functions virtualised.
  • Centralised management of software defined networks.
  • Fast provisioning via predefined VM templates.
  • Self Service via VM template libraries and dashboards.
  • Virtualised storage that is dynamically allocated as required.
  • Rapid and economical DR provision via virtualised IT services.
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